Spring Agricultural Burning and Fire Danger

SPRING AGRICULTURAL BURNING AND FIRE DANGER  Carson National Forest, Taos, NM, March 13, 2014 – Spring agricultural burning of fields and acequias, traditions in our area, come with a set of problems that must be carefully monitored to avoid the danger of escaped fires.  We must be especially careful this year because of continuing drought conditions […]

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Prepare. Protect. Prevail. Do your part to protect your community now!

A single ember from a wildfire can travel over a mile. There are many hazards around home, including stacked firewood, that may be unsafe if a wildfire strikes. Learn how to recognize hazards to help protect your home and community at FireAdapted.org.

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Carson National Forest West Zone Winter Prescribed Burns

Taos, NM, January 9 2014- The West Zone of the Carson National Forest plans to continue its fall prescribed burns into the winter and early spring as weather, ventilation and available resources allow. Both of these projects will be treated using a combination of broadcast and pile burning to reduce hazardous fuels created from thinning […]

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