Carson National Forest Spring and Summer Prescribed Burns

Taos, NM, March 23, 2015—For Immediate Release. The Camino Real Ranger District of the Carson National Forest has planned two prescribed burn projects for spring and summer as conditions permit. Spring and early summer provide a window of opportunity to conduct prescribed burns on days when environment factors such as wind, relative humidity, temperature, expected weather patterns, available resources and other factors are in alignment.

The Rio Chiquito/Trampas prescribed burn will consist of several small units scattered within the Rio Chiquito and Trampas Allotments south of Penasco and north of the community of Truchas. A total of 600 acres will be treated.

The Borrego Mesa prescribed burn consists of 400 acres and is located 3 miles northeast of Penasco and ½ mile west of NM Highway 518.
Both of these projects will be treated using broadcast burning techniques that consist of hand ignition of fuels where handlines, roads and other natural barriers are used to contain the fire within a well-defined area.

Prescribed burns have proven effective in changing fire behavior by allowing fire to perform its natural role in the environment and reducing the risk of uncharacteristic wildfires. These burns also result in minimal impacts to air quality while smoke from uncharacteristic wildfires may pose significant risks to public health and safety.

Smoke will be visible from Truchas, Ojo Sarco, El Valle, Chamisal, and Penasco. Motorist on NM Highways 76 and 518 are urged to use caution due to reduced visibility during prescribed burn periods.

For people with respiratory ailments, sensitivities to smoke, or otherwise concerned about air quality impacts, please visit the New Mexico Environment Department’s website at

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