Update on Fort Craig Fire

General Information/Announcements: More accurate mapping resulted in a revised and reduced acreage figure for the fire. Fire activity was minimal yesterday morning. No fire was observed on the extreme west end of the fire, and containment line on the north side west of the power line was secure. Crews patrolled the line around the east end, finding no residual heat, but unburned fuel remains. Along the dozer line on the northeast side firefighters broke up and wet down smoldering fuel (mop up). Crews installed hose lays west of the power line in preparation for mop up, and two small spot fires on the northeast side were extinguished. Helicopter bucket drops cooled off hot spots in inaccessible areas.

There was very little precipitation on the fire yesterday, and calm winds and high humidity kept fire intensity low. Due to decreased fire activity one Type 1 crew was released yesterday evening, and another Type 1 crew was released this morning.

The El Paso Electric Cooperative power line, Fort Craig Historical Site, the railroad bridge 5 miles northeast of Fort Craig, and numerous cultural sites are still potentially at risk.

Containment was at 40% at 9:00 a.m. and 139 personnel assigned to the fire.

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