Dog Head Fire Projected Smoke Impacts June 20th

Dog Head Fire Smoke. Impact Map

Projected Smoke Impacts: Dog Head and North Fire (24 hour AQI– PM 2.5)

Forecast valid for 5 pm, Monday, June 20 to 5 pm Tuesday June 21st.

Dog Head Fire: Although there is still heat within the fire perimeter, significant smoke production is not expected today. Moderate smoke impacts are expected near the fire. Any smoke produced would be transported towards the west and northwest throughout the day.

North Fire: Smoke produced from the North Fire is expected to be transported north of the fire tonight and tomorrow. Significant impacts are not predicted.

Remember, in areas without and air quality monitor, your eyes are your best tools to determine if it’s safe to be out-side. As a rule of thumb, if visibility is over five miles, the air quality is generally good. However, no matter how far one can see, if individuals are having health effects from smoke exposure, they are advised to take extra care to stay inside or get to an area with better air quality and to also see a doctor or healthcare professional as needed. For guidance on distances and visibility and how to protect your health from smoke, please visit

As smoke impacts are decreasing from the current fires in New Mexico, the potential for new wildfires still exists. For information to the current fire potential in the Southwest, SW 7-DAY Fire Potential Outlook

DISCLAIMER: Conditions may change quickly. These projections are based on anticipated weather and fire activity.


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