Dog Head Fire Daily 9:30pm Update


DOG HEAD FIRE UPDATE – 6/23/2016, 8:00 P.M.



Acres: 17,912                                                                                     Containment: 83%

Cause: Human – under investigation                                                  Start Date:  June 14, 2016

Jurisdiction:  Cibola National Forest, NM State Forestry, Southern Pueblo Agency/BIA, BLM

Location:  6 miles NW of Tajique, NM

Vegetation:  Heavy fuels, dead and down timber, ponderosa pine stands

Damage Assessment: 24 single residences and 21 other minor structures

Total Personnel:  625

Slow moving storm cells moved across the fire today bringing variable amounts of rain and wind. Tomorrow will begin a drying trend through Saturday until Sunday when more wetting rain is predicted and will begin the wetting phase of the season.

Operations on the fire perimeter continued with patrol and hold the fireline, and mop up critical areas. Aggressive rehabilitation began today and assessments for further rehabilitation will be ongoing.

Tomorrow the Southwest Type I Incident Command Team #1 will transition with the NM Type 3 Incident Command Team ABZ lead by Incident Commander Ryan Romero. The Type 3 Team will assume command on Saturday at 6:00 a.m.

No additional public meetings are planned unless there is a significant change in fire conditions.

The strategy for this fire is full suppression.  Incident objectives include providing for the safety of firefighters and the public, while protecting values at risk, and providing support for on-going utility recovery efforts, evacuations and planned re-entry into closed areas.

Please remember, if you fly, we can’t.  Drones near wildfires are not safe.  Visit for more information.

This is the final PM Update, beginning tomorrow, there will only be a morning update.

Evacuation/Road Info (8am – 8pm)855-620-1747, 855-620-1746, 855-615-5195, 855-615-5196, 888-308-3120 and


Fire Information (8am – 8pm)855-585-5546, 855-585-5547, 855-581-3861, 855-581-3862,,,

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