Burn Ban Issued for Eastern Colfax County

May 4, 2017



Upon consultation with the Fire Chiefs of Colfax County, and under the authority of Colfax County Ordinance Number 2006-1, the Colfax County Fire Marshal hereby declares effective immediately, a “Dry Season” in the Farley, Miami and District 8 (Raton) Fire Districts in Colfax County, and establish a ban on open burning within the areas of Colfax County outlined above.  No Burn permits shall be issued at this time, and any current permits are hereby revoked. This Ban effects only the Districts listed above

No outside smoking is permitted except within a 3-foot diameter barren area.

The use of “exterior” fireplaces, stoves, chimneys or charcoal briquette barbecues (except for gas-propane stoves and barbecues), and all open flames in the above designated areas of Colfax County are prohibited.  Chainsaws will be permitted provided the manufacturers spark arrester is in place.

Larry Osborn

Colfax County Fire Marshal

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