Village of Angel Fire Issues Burn Ban – 01/10/2018

Village of Angel Fire Burn Ban

Beginning January 10, 2018 at 7 A.M., outside fires and open burning will be prohibited.

This prohibition is due to the lack of precipitation, high winds, and the continued drying out of fuels throughout the Village of Angel Fire. (Although low temperatures and reasonable humidity minimize the risk of fire danger, the remaining factors have greatly influenced this ban.)

Included in the Ban are: Above ground detonation; agricultural burning; bonfires; burning of explosives; campfires; ceremonial fires; controlled burning; outdoor cooking fires; disease control; outdoor heating fires; outdoor welding and hot torch burning; ignition of rocket motors; open burning; open flames; timber and forest management; research and development; slash piles; outdoor smoking; and weed burning.

Charcoal broilers, barbecue grills, and coal-burning stoves used outside of private dwellings are classified as campfires and are prohibited.

Exceptions; Cooking and heating devices that use kerosene, white gas or propane as fuel if used with adequate fire protection and defensible space; commercial grade smokers with adequate fire protection and defensible space; commercially constructed personal smokers with adequate fire protection and defensible space;  smoking that is restricted to designated areas, within structures, or inside vehicles equipped with ashtrays.

The ban will stay in effect until climatic conditions improve and the threat of fire danger is reduced.

John Murtagh

Chief of Fire/EMS

Village of Angel Fire


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