Bluewater and Diener Canyon Fire Update for April 18, 2018

Diener Canyon Fire Statistics                                       Bluewater Fire Statistics

Start date: April 12, 2018 Start date: April 12, 2018
Size: 9,304 acres Size: 2772 acres
Location:   Mount Sedgewick Location:   Salitre Mesa
Cause: Spot fires from Redondo Prescribed Burn Cause:   Abandoned campfire
Containment:   68% Containment:   7%

Total Resources Diener Canyon: 3 helicopters, 15 engines, 4 water tenders, 4 T1 crews, 5 T2 crews, 371 persons.  Bluewater:  2 T2 crew, 3 engines, 3 dozers, 1 water tender, 37 persons 

Firefighters Hold the Lines Despite High Winds and Challenging Conditions

Winds howled across the Bluewater and Diener Fires on Tuesday from early morning to late afternoon. Firefighters had been warned about the worst case scenarios that could accompany such a severe weather event and were prepared for a fight to protect private and public property that could have been threatened. On the Bluewater Fire the fire perimeter grew slightly on the northeast as 50 mph sustained winds pushed the fire along terrain and fuels receptive to the wind pressure. It was also active on the south but moved into less favorable fuels and then stopped.

On the south perimeter of the Diener Canyon about 20 spots were caught and extinguished along the 480 road. Other than that firefighters, working in extremely difficult conditions, held the 68 % of completed line. Fixed wing aircraft were in the air for a good part of the day being eyes in the sky for firefighters on the ground. All helicopters were grounded by the winds.

Weather conditions will be much improved today. Although it will still be dry and warmer it will be less windy. This will give firefighters another corridor of favorable conditions to bolster their containment before another Red Flag day on Thursday.

Pre-evacuations:  All pre-evacuation orders have been rescinded, and the evacuation center located at Grants High School has been closed.

Air Quality:  Smoke-sensitive individuals and people with respiratory or heart disease are encouraged to take precautionary measures. Information on air quality and protecting your health can be found online at the New Mexico Department of Health’s website at

Closures:  A closure order has been issued for the Forest in the area of the wildfires.  Bluewater Lake State Park is also closed to the public.  A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) over the fire area is in place.  Operating a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle in the TFR is also strictly forbidden, and dangerous to aircraft employed in fire suppression.

Bluewater/Diener Canyon Fire Information: (575)322-6716 from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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