Ute Park Fire – June 4, 2018 Re-entry of Cimarron residents

Colfax County and The Village of Cimarron are pleased to announce that the citizens of Cimarron and the immediate surrounding area are cleared to re-enter their homes today June 4th, 2018.

Ute Park and all property access off NM 204 is still closed and under evacuation orders.

In order to ensure a peaceful transition with no traffic headaches, we have divided the town and immediate area into four sectors. Residents are asked to return to town according to the sector in which you reside.

Sector A- North of Highway 64 and West of Washington can return at Noon

Sector B- South of Highway 64 and West of Collison can return at 1PM

Sector C- North of Highway 64 and East of Washington can return at 2PM (not including Lambert Hills)

Sector D- South of Highway 64 and East of Collison can return at 3PM (including Lambert Hills and Mountain Meadows)

We ask that you obey all speed limits and traffic laws while returning. There will be a sizeable law enforcement presence to assist in this transition. We want to stress that there was no reported fire damage to any structures in and around the Cimarron area. Your homes are safe.

The fire threat to Cimarron has been minimized; however there are still some concerns. Air quality will continue to be an issue as the Ute Park Fire is expected to burn for some time. The winds will change over the course of this fire and there will be a smoke presence. There is an air quality monitoring station in Cimarron that will provide up to date info on potential hazards. Updates on smoke and air quality and links to monitoring information will be available on https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5820/ and https://nmfireinfo.com.

We also have some concerns regarding future water quality. The Cimarroncito Reservoir and surrounding water shed did sustain fire damage. We will be vigilantly monitoring the water quality for the village and are developing a long term plan to address the damage sustained to the watershed. As a result, and until we can get a solid grasp of the short term impacts of the water supply, Stage 4 Water Restrictions will be in place for all residents on the Cimarron Domestic Water System. (Please see Village of Cimarron Public Notice dated June 3, 2018)

Please be aware that US Highway 64 and NM 204 will remain closed between Cimarron and Eagle Nest due to ongoing firefighting efforts and damage to the highway corridor. Highway 64 will be open from Cimarron to Raton. Highway 58 from Springer to Cimarron will be opened. Highway 21 Springer to Cimarron will be opened at noon, however there will be considerable fire traffic so we advise Highway 58 be used instead.

We thank you for your patience, kindness, generosity and perseverance through this trying time.

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