Mescalero Apache Tribe sends flood warning to it’s members

 June 12, 2018
Tribal members need to be aware of an approaching weather system that may have a significant impact on the Soldier Canyon Fire area. Hurricane Bud is currently traveling northward along the west coast of Mexico. The track of this storm may take it over the fire area, dumping a considerable amount of rain over the fire-ravaged ground.
This heavy rain can cause significant flash floods and mud slides, specifically after the ground and vegetation has been damaged and removed by a wildfire.
Tribal, State and local personnel have formed a Flood Response Group that is assessing flood hazard areas due to the Solider Canyon Fire; these areas include Soldier Canyon, Highway 70, and Mescalero. There will be heavy equipment being utilized on roads in the affected area. Everyone not involved with the Flood Response Group must yield to all working vehicles.
Tribal departments will begin placing sandbags and jersey barriers adjacent to homes in low-lying areas that may be impacted by flooding. They will be removing old equipment and materials in the Soldier Canyon drainage to reduce the impacts from potential flooding.
Residents living in the area of Soldier Canyon on the west side of Highway 70 are advised to begin preparing for the possibility of flooding and stay informed as this weather pattern develops. Please keep watch over small children, elderly and the handicapped as the Flood Response group is working to protect our community.
Tips for flood preparation can be found at
Thank you,
Thora Padilla
Emergency Management Officer​​​


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