Carson National Forest Still Closed, But Rains are Encouraging

Taos, NM (July 6) – For Immediate Release.  The Carson National Forest received varied amounts of rainfall yesterday. While a rain gauge in Tres Ritos near the Sipapu Ski Resort measured 0.7 inches in the last 24 hours, other areas of the Forest received little or no rain at all.

“I’m encouraged that we are starting to see monsoonal moisture,” said Forest Supervisor James Duran. “As of now, we have not had enough rain to re-open the forest. We will be reviewing the data again on Monday to see what impact any additional rains had on area-wide fuel moisture.”

Forest managers consider fire activity levels, fuel moisture, and current and predicted weather patterns when making decisions about restrictions or closure.

“Any moisture can change the fine fuel component, but that’s short lived. It changes daily,” said James Arciniega, Fuels Planner for the Carson. “In order to saturate those larger fuels and have some sense of longevity, we’re going to need significant moisture that’s widespread for a fair amount of time. That means at least a couple of good heavy rains.”

Until those rains materialize, the public is asked to remain cautious and mindful of the fact that the Carson National Forest remains closed.

For information about the Forest Closure:

Carson National Forest Public Affairs (575) 758-6303

Facebook and Twitter: @CarsonNF

Carson National Forest website


Map of Weather Stations                                            Carson National Forest

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