Miller Fire Update – Hidalgo County – 07/10/19


Acres: 5,772
Start Date: June 29, 2019
Cause: Lightning
Total personnel: 297
Location: Peloncillo Mtns N.M.
Fuels: Timber, brush, and grass

Miller Fire Update July 10, 2019 

Fire Activity:  Recent rains have significantly decreased activity within the fire’s perimeter.  Hot spots are still located within the interior, but no heat has been detected along the perimeter’s edge.

Operations:  This week, crews have been utilizing an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS).  UAS has the capability to map fire progression, identify heat with infrared technology, and is utilized in conjunction with fire Air Operations to search for spot fires to reduce firefighter and aircraft exposure to smoke and hazardous terrain.  Additionally, if there is a spot fire detected, the UAS can pinpoint an exact location so that firefighters can respond directly to the area of concern with appropriate resources more quickly.  Firefighters are embracing this new technology and using it to their advantage.  UAS Operators go through extensive and specific operating and safety courses.

These specific capabilities of a UAS, the training and safety guidelines required for pilots, are what set UAS use apart from recreational drone use in wildfire areas.  Unauthorized drone incursions over the fire area are very dangerous and cause all air operations to stop, potentially putting firefighters in extreme danger.

Firefighters and Resource Advisers are working together to perform suppression repair activities in order to return the forest to a more natural state. Fire Managers have achieved 85% of our intended objectives on this incident. For more information on managing fires with multiple objective strategies please see these links.

Weather:  It will be noticeably hotter today with highs in the 90’s across the fire area with minimum humidity levels dropping into the 10 to 15 percent range.  Winds will be changing direction, coming from the north and northeast.  They are expected to remain fairly light except for a few afternoon gusts due to the strong afternoon heating.

 Closures:  The temporary flight restriction closure over the fire is still in place.  Crews will continue to be  working in the area the next few days so please use caution on roads around the fire to protect your own welfare and that of the fire crews.



Full Press Release: Miller Fire Update July 10th 2019

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