David Canyon Prescribe Fire Update

Tuesday 09-10-19

Fire Managers on the Sandia Ranger District are currently implementing a prescribed burn in the David Canyon area. Approximately 150 acres were treated yesterday out of 900-acre project. Today’s target is 100 acres.

Every morning, fire managers will evaluate weather conditions including wind, temperature and relative humidity to ensure conditions are within the prescribed burn plan prescription. Prior to ignition and throughout the day, site-specific weather is checked to ensure conditions are still favorable for continued implementation. Smoke and smoldering vegetation will continue for some time after ignition has ceased.

Prescribed fire allows fire managers to reduce the risk for catastrophic wildland fire by reducing fuels. Prescribed fire is a valuable land management tool used to reduce the risk and severity of wildfire and meet other resource management objectives such as maintaining habitat. Wildfires during fire season can be devastating due to extremely dry conditions.

For current information, contact the Sandia Ranger District at 05-281-3304.

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