New Fire Start – Monjeau Fire, Lincoln National Forest

Fire Update: Lincoln County resources and Forest Service firefighters responded to reports of smoke near Laguna Rd in the Sierra Vista area west of Highway 48 around 8:15 pm. Upon arrival crews discovered a 2-acres fire burning in timber, grass and brush.  The cause is currently unknown and under investigation. Crews were able to stop forward progression of the fire. No structures burned and there were no injuries. This will be the last post for the Monjeau Fire unless there is a significant change.

Smoke Conditions: Smoke is visible from the Sierra Vista area and along Monjeau Rd (Rd 117).

Closures and Evacuations: There are no road closures or evacuations.    

Preparing for Wildfires:

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The three steps encourage residents to get READY by preparing now for wildfires and the possibility of evacuation now, be SET by maintaining awareness of significant danger and to GO, evacuate immediately when the danger is current and life-threatening. Learn more at

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