Marble Fire Final Update

Size: 3.2 acres

Containment: 25%

Location: North of Marble Canyon, Near Hershberger Peak, Above West Side Rd.

Total Personnel: Approximately 35

Incident Start Date: May 22, 2021

Cause: Human-Cause, Under Investigation

Resources Responding: 1 Type-1 crew (hotshot crew), two engines, + support personnel.

Fire Update: The Marble Fire is showing minimal fire activity this morning. Last night crews were able to build a fireline around most of the fire. Crews will continue “mop up” operations, meaning they will extinguish or remove burning material near the control lines. Portions of the line have already been mopped up for a safe distance inside the line and is considered a “cold line”. This morning crews were able to walk the fire’s perimeter with GPS and determined the fire to be 3.2-acres.  There were no lightning strikes in the area; therefore, the fire was determined to be caused by humans. A further investigation is underway. The fire is 25 percent contained. However, that number is expected to increase dramatically by the end of the day. Crews will remain on scene today and tomorrow and will continue to monitor the area through the week.

Smoke Conditions: Smoke may be visible from Alamogordo, the High Rolls area, and West Side Rd, especially in the afternoon.

Closures and Evacuations: There are currently no closures or evacuations.

This year is predicted to be an above-normal fire year in southern NM due to extreme drought conditions. Therefore, residents should begin preparing for a wildfire emergency by becoming familiar with the nationally-used Ready, Set, Go principles of evacuations.  

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