Fire Restrictions Imposed in Mora County – Effective November 8, 2021

November 8, 2021


Due to high fuel loads and low moisture content in most areas of the County, Fire Restrictions are hereby imposed Countywide, effective immediately.


• Open burning is prohibited, i.e., burning of cropland, fields, rangeland, debris burning, slash piles, prescribed burning or weed burning;
• Campfires are prohibited except for where cooking or heating devices use kerosene with gas or propane as a fuel, in an approved camping area that is clear of flammable vegetation, for at least thirty feet;
• Smoking is prohibited except in enclosed buildings, within vehicles equipped with ashtrays, and on paved or surfaced roads, developed recreation sites, or an area at least three feet in diameter. that is cleared of all flammable material;
• Fireworks use is prohibited in any area covered wholly or in part with timber, brush, grass, grain, or other flammable vegetation. Aerial fireworks are prohibited in all circumstances.

All devices using internal combustion engines must have a proper spark arrester installed. “HOT” vehicles must not be parked off the pavement in areas with combustible vegetation. Fresh ashes must be disposed of only in closed, non-flammable containers.
Thank you for adhering to these restrictions and participating in keeping our County safe.

Michael A. Rivera, Mora County Manager

Mora County Fire Restrictions Notice PDF

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