Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant Application Period Opens Jan. 27, 2022

New Mexico Counties, in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management New Mexico State Office, is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Wildfire Risk Reduction Program for Rural Communities. The grant program assists at-risk communities throughout New Mexico in reducing their risk from wildland fire on non-federal lands. Funding for this program is provided by the National Fire Plan through the Department of the Interior/Bureau of Land Management for communities in the wildland-urban interface and is intended to directly benefit communities that may be impacted by wildland fire initiating from or spreading to BLM public land. 

Funding categories include:

  • CWPP updates up to $20,000/project
  • Education and outreach activities up to $15,000/project
  • Hazardous fuels reduction projects up to $75,000/project

The program information packet and applications are located on the NMC website: https://www.nmcounties.org/services/programs/

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