All Hands All Lands Burn Team to implement prescribed burns near Santa Fe and Pecos

The Forest Stewards Guild is planning to implement previously announced prescribed burns this week (weather permitting) at Glorieta Camps near Santa Fe and Pecos, and at Rancho del Ojo off HWY 96 near Coyote in Rio Arriba County. The Guild is conducting these burns to improve forest health and reduce wildfire risk. These burns will be implemented by the qualified All Hands All Lands Burn Team in partnership with the Rio Grande Water Fund and The Nature Conservancy of New Mexico. Smoke may be visible from Pecos, Rowe, Glorieta, Santa Fe, Coyote, Youngsville, and Gallina. Emissions reduction techniques will be used to minimize smoke impacts to local communities.

The previous announcement can be viewed here:


Eytan Krasilovsky
Deputy Director
The Forest Stewards Guild

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