Nogal Fire Update, April 17, 10 AM

Nogal Canyon Fire – Sunday, April 17, 2022 Daily Update

Acres: 433
Cause: Downed power lines
Containment: 42%
Start Date: April 12, 2022
Personnel : 127
Location/Origin: Nogal Canyon, west of Capitan
Fuels: Ponderosa pine, pinon and juniper, grasses
Structures burned: 6 primary, 8 outbuildings

Highlights: Firefighters have successfully contained 42% of the fire with a hand-built line along the ridge on the western perimeter. Yesterday, evacuation and pre-evacuation (SET status) notices were lifted and residents began to re-enter the area. However, hazard tree removal and other work restricts traffic beyond 399 Canyon Rd. Details are in the Evacuations section.

Operations: Crews are patrolling, mopping up and “cold trailing” the fire line perimeter. Cold trailing is the process of carefully inspecting and feeling with an un-gloved hand to detect for any remaining heat. Any heat pockets are cooled using water bucket drops from a helicopter, fire hose, or water carried in by firefighters. Crews are scouting the uncontained fire’s edge along the eastern perimeter and constructing line. Crews continue to patrol and mop up in structural point protection areas where residents are returning to their properties. Helicopters are available to assist ground crews for water drops to cool hot spots.

Evacuations: Evacuations have been lifted for Nogal Canyon Rd. from Highway 37 up to 399 Nogal Canyon Rd. The pre-evacuation (SET status) for the Loma Grande Area has also been lifted. This includes the area south of Nogal Canyon from Pfingsten Road to Crockett Canyon Trail and from Crockett Canyon Trail west to Nogal Canyon Rd. Residents will need to continue using caution as we have fire personnel in the area and the fire is still active. Residents only will be permitted entry. Hunters/Campers will not be allowed in the area until further notice.

Restrictions/Closures: Nogal Canyon remains closed to the public beyond 399 Canyon Rd. Please respect the restrictions and closures in place. Violations impede firefighter response and delay suppression activities. Anyone driving in the area should slow down and turn on headlights for visibility

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place: Wildfires are a NO Drone Zone. Flying recreational and media drones within a TFR is illegal and impedes fire suppression efforts. Report drones to local law enforcement. If You Fly, We Can’t!

Weather: Sunny, temperatures in mid-70s, 7% humidity; winds are changing today and from NW, 16-25mph.

Smoke: Smoke activity should decrease as fire activity has been minimal. However, those in the surrounding area may see smoke as fire moves through unburned vegetation. These smokes are well within the interior of the fire and are not a threat to the fire line at this time.

Fire Information: Public Phone Line 505-356-2636 Media Phone Line 505-445-8278 Phone Lines open 8am-8pm
NM Fire Information:


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