Santa Fe, NM – August 15, 2022 – The Forest Service–Santa Fe National Forest (USFS) completed its BAER post-fire Phase 3 assessment of the Hermits Peak-Calf Canyon burned areas and affected watersheds to determine their response, soil conditions, potential threats, and recommended BAER emergency stabilization measures and actions on National Forest System (NFS) lands. BAER emergency treatments and activities are designed to decreased possible impacts to critical values from the burned areas during rainstorm events such as: life and safety, property, critical natural resources, and cultural resources.

BAER treatment recommendations must undergo an internal review at the local Forest Service Supervisor’s Office, Regional Office, and Washington Office, depending upon total treatment funding amounts. The BAER team’s recommended emergency treatment objectives for its Phase 3 assessment include:

• Posting area closure and hazard warning signs to control public access to trail and recreation areas, and to inform the public of post-wildfire hazards that exist within the burned area.

• Implementing closure barriers such as gates for public safety from post-fire flooding and debris-flows at key roads, trails, campsites, and trailheads.

• Protecting high value Forest Service roads, drainage crossings, and bridges through storm proofing, culvert cleaning, and strategic armoring to facilitate effective function of NFS investments during events with increased water flows, and sedimentation delivery; and conducting storm inspections and response after rainstorm events.

• Pumping vaulted toilets at NFS recreational facilities where unacceptable risk to human health and safety could occur to prevent effluent waste discharge due to post-fire flooding risk.

NOTE: Visit the following link for more information “HPCC Phase 3 Post-Fire BAER Assessment Summary”.

BAER SAFETY MESSAGEEveryone near and downstream from the burned areas should remain alert and stay updated on weather conditions that may result in rain and increased water runoff. Flash flooding may occur quickly during rain events. Be prepared to act. Current weather and emergency notifications can be found at the National Weather Service website: https://www.weather.gov/abq/.

Hermits Peak – Calf Canyon Post-Fire BAER Assessment information is available at: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/8104/

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