BLM NM Fire Seeking Crew Members for New Wildland Fire Module

The Rio Puerco Wildland Fire Module ​(WFM) is seeking highly qualified and motivated individuals for a newly developed Bureau of Land Management WFM based out of Albuquerque, NM. The WFM is hosted out of the ​Albuquerque District Rio Puerco Field Office.  As a specialized resource in the wildland fire community, we are currently seeking individuals who will contribute the highest level of productivity and attention to detail in all technical aspects of fire​, aviation, and fuels management. The WFM will perform a myriad of projects and functions including: 

  • planning and implementation of prescribed fire and mechanical fuels reduction projects,
  • weather and fuels monitoring,
  • assisting ​in the management of fires for resource benefit and other objectives, 
  • participating in a wide variety of fire suppression roles, and
  • developing a future unmanned aerial systems/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS/UAV) program with​in the WFM.

The Rio Puerco WFM,’s goal is to foster and promote excellence throughout the WFM, ​BLM, interagency cooperators, and the wildland fire community.  To achieve this, the Albuquerque District and WFM leadership would like to establish and invest in the development and advancement of our crew members, including a strong emphasis on specialized training and support in all the required qualifications currently available to our wildland fire responders.  The intent is to provide an avenue to develop our WFM crew members so they may obtain the necessary skills to fully perform a variety of specialized functions within our profession.   

If you would like any other information about the module and available positions feel free to contact the Rio Puerco WFM Leadership, Frank Cisneros at 303-910-4399,  or Elias Mora at 505-377-7212, .  Thank you!

Fire crew monitoring the Mertz Ranch Prescribed Fire on the Albuquerque District
Mertz Ranch Prescribed Fire on the Albuquerque District

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