Willow Piles: Fire Crews Planning More Ignitions Wednesday

With more winter storms hitting Northern New Mexico, fire crews are planning to continue ignitions on the Willow Piles Prescribed Fire project on Wed., Feb. 15. A fresh layer of snow has fallen and breezy winds will help loft and disperse smoke. Piles from 150 acres of forest thinning remain on site and would be burned if forecasted conditions remain steady.

Fire crews last Thursday burned piles from 350 acres of forest thinning. Those piles have been smoldering with minimal fire behavior and light smoke. Heat signatures from satellite monitoring, which were visible Thursday and Friday, dissipated Saturday. Crews will continue to maintain regular patrols and monitoring until the prescribed fire is declared out.

The Willow Piles Prescribed Fire project is on the Tres Piedras Ranger District of the Carson National Forest. The site is about 10 miles west of Tres Piedras, NM, and about a mile east of Hopewell Lake. Piles from 95 acres of thinning were burned last year. More area piles will be treated in future years.

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