Las Cocas – Mora County – Update 5 #nmfire 

Update 5:30 p.m. 5/9/23: The Las Cocas fire is at 60% containment. Crews are tying hand lines to established dozer lines, with a hose line set across the fire’s north flank. Any instances of slop-over have been mopped up. Tomorrow’s temperatures are expected to drop slightly, but the wind event is expected to bring gusts of up to 60 mph. This will be the final notification of the evening unless there are significant changes.  


  • Sky/Weather………Partly cloudy.
  • Min Temperature…..
  • Above 8000 ft….46-50.
  • Below 8000 ft….44-49.
  • 24 hr Trend……Up 5 degrees.
  • Max Humidity……..
  • Above 8000 ft….30-40 pct.
  • Below 8000 ft….30-50 pct.
  • 24 hr Trend……Up 3 pct.
  • Wind…20 Foot……South 15 to 25 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph.
  • 10000 ft MSL Wind…Southwest 20 to 30 mph.
  • Chance of Precip….0 pct.
  • LAL……………..1.
  • Haines Index……..6 high.


  • Sky/Weather………Mostly sunny in the morning, then partly
    cloudy with scattered dry thunderstorms in the afternoon. Areas
    of blowing dust in the afternoon.
  • Max Temperature…..
  • Above 8000 ft….67-71.
  • Below 8000 ft….75-80.
  • 24 hr Trend……Down 3 degrees.
  • Min Humidity……..
  • Above 8000 ft….15-20 pct.
  • Below 8000 ft….9-14 pct.
  • 24 hr Trend……Up 6 pct.
  • Wind…20 Foot……South 15 to 25 mph increasing to 25 to 40 mph
    in the afternoon. Gusts up to 60 mph.
  • 10000 ft MSL Wind…Southwest 15 to 25 mph increasing to south 25
    to 35 mph in the afternoon.
  • Chance of Precip….50 pct.
  • LAL……………..1 increasing to 6 in the afternoon.
  • Haines Index……..6 high.

Update 2:30 p.m. 5/9/23:  The Las Cocas fire is at 30% containment and estimated at 58 acres.  Hand crews and a helicopter are using water to aid suppression and are working to keep the fire inside the lines. The fire is active in the interior and there is some smoldering on the fire perimeter. Wind speeds are from 5-10 mph, and the probability of spotting across the line remains a concern. The day has brought higher temperatures and lower humidity, and there is a Red Flag Warning in effect through 8 p.m. this evening and then again tomorrow from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.   

Update 10 a.m. 5/9/23: The Las Cocas fire is at 30% containment and estimated at 75-100 acres. The fire is active along the south and east flanks but is still burning within containment lines. Temperature is 66 degrees and winds are from the northwest at 8 mph with gusts up to 15 mph. Relative humidity is 14%. Crews responding include Forestry Division, Wildfire Response Program, Rainsville, Guadalupita, Buena Vista, Mora, Sierra Bonita, and Santa Fe Hotshots, with 7 engines and a total personnel of 36.  

Update 9 p.m. 5/8/23: The Las Cocas fire is at 10% containment and estimated at 75-100 acres. Dozer line is being cut along the south flank of the fire from west to east and pushed up the north flank. Currently, volunteer fire departments are digging hand lines around the east flank. Santa Fe hotshots are en route to anchor and tie in to the dozer lines.  

First 7:38 p.m. 5/8/23: The Las Cocas fire is burning just south of Guadalupita, in Mora County. The fire was reported at approximately 5:50 p.m. and is running and smoldering through 75 acres of mixed fuels including grass, pinon and ponderosa pine. The fire was pushed northeast by 11 mph winds from the southwest, however the ridge line has slowed that progression.  

A grader line has been established on the fire’s west flank, and no structures are threatened at this time. Multiple resources and personnel are on scene grading and cutting handlines. Forestry Division has an engine posted along the northeast edge to patrol structures. The cause of the fire is under investigation.  

Start Date & Time:  5/8/2023 

Start Location: HWY 434 MM 12 In Guadalupita area 

Latitude: 36.10999 

Longitude: -105.23095 

Cause of Fire: Under investigation 

Area Vegetation: Timber, Pinon, Ponderosa Pine, Grass 

Estimated Acres Burned: 75-100 

Ownership(s): Private  

Structures Threatened: N 

Structures Burned: N 

Evacuations: N 


George Ducker 

Communications Coordinator 

New Mexico State Forestry Division – EMNRD 

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