Outdoor Fire Safety

know before you go 3

Know Before You Go! Always check with the local agency for current fire restrictions before visiting public lands.  For more information, call the Fire Restrictions Hotline: 1-877-864-6985.

LinkFirePrev Visit bosque.gov for Spanish language outdoor fire safety tips.

Fire Prevention PosterThink you can’t go camping without a campfire? Try camping without a forest!This poster was created as an interagency, regionwide tool to enhance public awareness about fire danger and fire prevention, especially during times of restriction.Please feel free to print and display this poster.
Red or Green?Red or Green?The State of New Mexico has completed a colorful project designed to enhance public awareness about the fire danger in New Mexico. It’s a brightly colored poster, set in an outline of the state of New Mexico and plays off the official state question: Red or Green? The poster reinforces the message of every agency to reduce human-caused fires – “Think smart. Don’t let wildfires start.”Feel free to use the poster to spread the word about fire danger and fire restrictions.




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