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Gila National Forest moves to HIGH Fire Danger

Silver City, NM. April 8, 2021—Warmer temperatures and high spring winds are increasing fire danger on the Gila National Forest. A fire danger rating of HIGH is defined as “all fine dead fuels ignite readily, and fires start easily from most causes.”  Unattended brush and campfires are likely to escape.  Fires spread rapidly, and short-distance […]

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SW Wildfire Awareness Week: Prevent wildfires with a pre-trip vehicle check.

Is your vehicle road-worthy? Prevent wildfires by performing a pre-trip vehicle check. Ensure optimal tire pressure & secure tow chains, so they won’t drag. Regular maintenance is also key. One Less Spark, One Less Wildfire. Learn more at https://youtu.be/PEm5OQ8OSRQ  and https://goo.gl/kCkMQH.  #OneLessSparkNM #SouthwestWildfireAwarenessWeek #WildFirePreparednessIsYearRound 

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