National Park Service firefighters monitoring several lightning ignited wildfires at El Malpais National Monument

Grants, NM – National Park Superintendent Mitzi Frank announced that there are several lightning caused fires currently being monitored within El Malpais National Monument. Both fires are in remote locations surrounded by lava and burning within ponderosa forests with needles and grassy vegetation. Firefighters will take action if conditions change.

The Braided Cave Fire was discovered on July 17 in a lava flow area in the southwest corner of El Malpais National Monument. It is estimated to be approximately 50 acres. Creeping fire behavior is being observed. The area has recently received rain.

The CDT Fire was discovered on July 20 south of the Zuni Acoma Trailhead (ZAT) and is approximately 4 acres in size.

Smoke may be visible along County Road 42, Hwy 53, and Hwy 117. At this time there are no trail restrictions or road closures.

An interactive fire map is available at

For more information, please contact Kevin Parrish, 505-285-4641, extension 35.

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