Carson NF- Potrero Fire – June 22, 2019 Daily Update

Size: 10 acres

Date detected: Friday, June 21

Cause: Unknown, Under Investigation

Location: Carson NF, El Rito Ranger District, west of El Rito Canyon, T26N R7E Section 30

Growth Potential: Moderate

Vegetation: Ponderosa Pine

Resources: 4 engines, 1 helicopter, 1 crew, 30 personnel

Current status: The Potrero Fire was reported on Friday night, June 21, north of Potrero Falls and 7 miles northwest of El Rito. The fire crews were able to utilize Gurule Fire resources last night to help work towards containment.  After carefully evaluating the fire’s location including values at risk, the fuels it is burning in, and current and predicted weather, fire managers will not consider the Potrero Fire for management for resource benefit. Therefore the fire will be fully suppressed.  Firefighters will continue to assess and engage this fire, taking into consideration public and firefighter safety as the number one priority.

Firefighters successfully constructed fire line in the early morning hours while taking advantage of low winds.  A Type 3 Helicopter was used to help minimize fire spread, and is being utilized as-needed.  The fire is presently 80% contained at 10 acres.  The cause is unknown and under investigation.  

Command of the Potrero Fire will be transferred to the Northern New Mexico Type 3 Incident Management Team at the end of the day, and will be under the same organization as the Gurule Fire.  This will provide adequate resources to the firefighters and will help to maintain firefighter and public safety.  The Potrero Fire will remain a separate incident and will continue to be fully suppressed.

Advisories: Smoke may be visible from the communities of Abiquiu, Canjilon, Ojo Caliente, Cañon Plaza, Vallecitos, La Madera, and El Rito, Tres Piedras and may continue to show for several days. Smoke may settle into lower elevations and in drainage areas during the evenings but should lift by mid-morning.

Smoke-sensitive individuals and people with heart or respiratory problems are encouraged to take precautionary measures. For information on air quality and protecting your health, please visit For information on the *HEPA filter loan program, go to or contact 575-224-6338 to check out a HEPA filter.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place over the fire. Unauthorized use of unmanned aircraft (also known as “drones”) in a fire area endangers the lives of pilots and firefighters and is strictly forbidden. Never fly unmanned aircraft over or near a wildfire whether there is a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) in effect or not. Visit and Know Before You Go for more information on drones and wildfires.

Public Line: (575) 224-6338 (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

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