David Canyon Prescribed Burn Update

Sandia Ranger District

Wednesday 9-11-2019

Tijeras NM-The Sandia Ranger District has postponed the David Canyon RX Burn due to heavy rain received last night. The area is too wet to continue. We expect to begin again when conditions line up.

Yesterday the crews treated 100 acres. The total for the two days is 250 acres out of the 900-acre project. The intensity of the burn was low and helped to reduce the forest litter and reintroduce the nutrients back into the soils. As you view the area take pictures now and see next spring how resilient and healthy it has become.

We thank the community for their support and cooperation and will notify you as we get closer to continuing the David Canyon Prescribed Burn.

For additional information and to be added to the email notification list call the Sandia Ranger District 505-281-3304

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