Santa Fe County Seeking Input on Community Wildfire Protection Plan Update

The Santa Fe County Fire Department is developing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) update and is looking for your input.  Due to restrictions on public gatherings as a result of Covid-19, the County has chosen to use an interactive website, or story map, as the primary tool to share information and gather input for the draft plan. Follow this link for the story map (click CWPP Draft). Please use the provided survey to leave your comments.

A CWPP is used to identify and mitigate wildfire hazards to communities. In 2008, Santa Fe County completed its first CWPP, which was partially updated in 2015, a process that has facilitated valuable collaboration among stakeholders. The 2020 CWPP will build on these collaborative efforts to reduce wildfire risk by reviewing and identifying new priority areas for wildfire protection efforts.  Your participation is critical this effort!

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