The Marble Fire-Lincoln National Forest

Size: 5 acres

Containment: 0%

Incident Start Date: May 22, 2021

Cause: Unknown, Under Investigation

Values at Risk: None Identified

Location: North of Marble Canyon, Near Hershberger Peak, Above West Side Rd.

Resources Responding: 1 Type-1 crew (hotshot crew), two engines, + support personnel  Total Personnel: Approximately 35

Fire Update: Fire crews are working to suppress the Marble Fire, which was reported to authorities on the evening of May 22, 2021. The fire is burning north of Marble Canyon near Hershberger Peak above West Side Rd on the Sacramento Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest. The cause of the fire is unknown, but an investigation is underway. Crews, including one hotshot crew and two engine staff, used ATVs and then hiked the rest of the way to reach the fire, where they discovered a 5-acre fire. They were able to assess the fire, terrain, and fuel conditions to begin their fire suppression efforts, which are expected to last into the night. Crews will sleep near the fire to continue fighting the fire as early as possible tomorrow morning.

Fire activity has died down as the night progressed and temperatures dropped; however, the winds are still gusty. The fire is burning in an area with pinon-juniper, grass, and oak brush. Pinon-juniper trees tend to burn at hotter temperatures than other wood. Today’s windy weather likely contributed to the fire. Overnight temperatures will drop to a low of 54 degrees. Humidity levels that were in the mid-20s during the day will recover to 60 percent overnight. Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunny with a high of 75 degrees and humidity levels dropping to 13 percent by the afternoon. Winds will less gusty than today but still blowing towards the northeast at 10-15 mph.

Smoke Conditions: Smoke is visible from Alamogordo, the High Rolls area, and West Side Rd.  Expect smoke to heaviest in the mornings as it settles into drainages overnight.

Closures and Evacuations: There are currently no closures or evacuations in place.

This year is predicted to be an above-normal fire year in southern NM due to the extreme drought condition. Therefore, residents should begin preparing for a wildfire emergency by becoming familiar with the nationally-used Ready, Set, Go principles of evacuations.   

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