BLM plans prescribed fire in Catron County

Beginning Nov. 15 through Dec. 31, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Socorro Field Office plans to burn piles of juniper and piñon cuttings in three locations in Catron County, weather permitting. 

Details on each location and size are as follows:

  • Alamocita Pile Burn – 135 acres, located east of Pietown and approximately 10 miles north of Highway 60.
  • Tank Canyon Pile Burn – 215 acres, located approximately 25 miles north of Pietown and about 2 miles east of the York Ranch Road in the vicinity of the Wild Horse subdivision.
  • Wild Horse Slash Pit, located off the Wood Camp Road.

Active ignition will take 1-5 days, with some smoke visible in the burn areas for up to a week after ignition operations are completed. Firefighters will monitor the burns until there is no visible smoke. To alert motorists on burn days, prescribed fire signs will be posted on Highway 60, Highway 12 and county roads near the burn locations. Motorists should be aware that smoke from the fires could reduce visibility for brief periods of time on Highways 60 and York Ranch Road. In addition, caution is advised when driving through the areas during the burns. 

The piles were created as part of thinning projects, in order to reduce wildfire risk, improve ecosystem health, improve wildlife habitat and help protect local communities from wildfire.

Prior to and during all prescribed fires, fire managers coordinate with the New Mexico Environment Department and follow all air quality regulations. People who are either susceptible to or affected by COVID-19 may have health conditions that also make them vulnerable to smoke exposure. For more information about smoke and protecting your health, please visit

Please call the BLM Socorro Field Office at 575-835-0412 with any questions about these projects. For information about this, and other prescribed burn operations, as well as wildland fire updates, please visit

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