Village of Angel Fire Imposes Burn Ban Effective April 20, 2022

Effective Date: April 20, 2022


By order of the Fire Chief, the Village of Angel Fire is now in a BURN BAN.

During this ban, it is unlawful within the Village limits to intentionally cause, create, tend or allow an open fire of any type, except a barbecue fire in an approved gas grill manufactured specifically for that purpose (Ordinance 1999-04, 7-15-1999). This includes any campfire, burning of slash, prescribed burning, charcoal broilers or grilles and wood stoves used outside of dwellings.

Except for welding or soldering torches and other similar hand-held tools or equipment used inside an appropriate business or building, it shall be unlawful during the ban, to cause or create any type of open flame or spark that emanates more than two inches (2”) from the source. (Ordinance 2017-05, 6-13-2017).

Appeals: Any aggrieved person may appeal the Fire Chief’s finding to the Village Council. Such appeal shall be in writing, shall be filed with the Village Clerk no later than two (2) business days after posting, and will be decided at or before the next regularly scheduled Council meeting. Any ban that is appealed shall remain in effect during the pendency of an appeal. (Ordinance 1999-04, 7-15-1999).

Further restrictions are possible and could include:

1. Use of trail bikes, chain saws and ATVs in the Village without a spark arrestor.

2. Any other activities that is deemed as a fire hazard.

3. All fireworks

4. Outdoor smoking restricted to designated and equipped areas.

This ban remains in effect until rescinded.

J. Kevin Henson

J. Kevin Henson, Fire Chief

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