Multi-agency National Fire Prevention and Education Team in SW

Human causes, associated with debris burning, target shooting, OHV off road use and vehicle-related fires are responsible for the majority of wildfires in the southwest. In an effort to curb human-caused wildfires, a multi-agency National Fire Prevention and Education Team (NFPET) has been established to help promote fire safety messaging. This team, comprised of professionals from the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management and other federal, state and local agencies, is tasked with visiting region-wide businesses, historic sites, visitor centers, campgrounds and other areas in Arizona and New Mexico to assist with fire safety education and describe how individuals can prevent wildfires, which directly protects lives and property from wildfire. 

“Everybody needs to be aware of the dangers of wildfire, while still enjoying the many recreational benefits our public and private lands provide to the community,” said Zach Ellinger, NFPET Lead. “Visitors can do just that during the ongoing focus on fire prevention. Our goal is to empower homeowners and visitors with the knowledge that they can make a difference preventing wildfires in the southwest.” 

For detailed information regarding fire information, please visit the following sites; New Mexico:, Arizona: 

For all public and media inquiries regarding NFPET, please contact the media line; 505-539-3544. 

National Fire Prevention Education Team: Top Row: Aurora, Rylee, Jess, Mark and Felicia. Bottom Row: Jacob, Lia, Derek, Zach and Jon. 

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