Cibola NF&NG – Wildfire Update – 6/30/2015 – Red Canyon Fire Reaches 15,401 Acres

Magdalena, NM; June 30, 2015 – The Red Canyon fire on the Magdalena Ranger District reached 15,401 acres yesterday due to hand ignition on the fire line.  The lightning-caused fire is located in the San Mateo Mountains, 2 miles southeast of Grassy Lookout and 27 miles southwest of Magdalena, NM.

Hand ignitions continued yesterday off of FR96 and FR138 along the east and west ridgelines of Hudson canyon.  Firefighters are introducing backing fire into Hudson canyon to mitigate high severity effect but still allow for the creation of canopy openings in order to promote aspen regeneration.  The Resource Advisor for the Red Canyon fire flew the fire perimeter yesterday and observed the following: “We flew recon on the Red Canyon Fire this morning to look at fire effects related to Mexican Spotted Owl habitat and to see how fire impacted the Apache Kid Wilderness.  Fire intensity for the most part appeared to be light to moderate and confined to the understory, with a good mosaic pattern that will result in good habitat diversity for wildlife.  Overall the burn seems to be having a good benefit for habitat and wildlife, and operations have been very cognizant of protecting the Mexican Spotted Owl habitat areas”.  As the Red Canyon fire continues to burn, potential fire behavior and effects are continuously being assessed to insure incident objectives are being met by the 65 fire personnel assigned to the fire.

The weather forecast calls for chances of thunderstorms and wetting rains through Tuesday.  Smoke will be visible from the communities of Magdalena, NM, Datil, NM and Pie Town, NM from the Red Canyon fire, southwest of Magdalena, NM, and along I-25 south of Socorro, New Mexico.  The New Mexico Department of Health provides a visibility test to determine smoke impacts in your area on their website at:

The following Forest Roads (FR) are closed until further notice: FR 96; FR 138; FR 478A; FR 478B; FR 330; FR 331; FR 378, and FR 478.  The following trails are closed: Trails 28, 31, 43, and 63.  All the listed Forest Roads and trails are within the working boundaries of the Red Canyon fire perimeter.

Fire Information: Updates will be available by contacting the Magdalena Ranger District at: (575) 854-2281 as well as online at New Mexico Fire Information website at , Twitter:@Cibola_NF,, and

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