Cibola NF&NG – Wildfire Update – 7/16/2015 – Red Canyon Fire Lifts Forest Road and Trail Closures

Magdalena, NM; July 16, 2015 –  The Red Canyon fire on the Magdalena Ranger District remains at 17,843 acres.  The lightning-caused fire is located in the San Mateo Mountains, 2 miles southeast of Grassy Lookout and 27 miles southwest of Magdalena, NM.

District Fire Managers are managing the Red Canyon fire for multiple resource objectives.  These objectives include enhancing wildlife habitat, protecting cultural resources, reducing hazardous fuels and returning fire to the ecosystem.  The fire continues creep and smolder in ponderosa pine and mixed-conifer fire.  Due to monsoonal flow of wetting precipitation over the past few days, the Red Canyon Fire has shown very little increase in fire activity and minimal visible smoke.  District personnel will continue to monitor and patrol the Red Canyon fire perimeter.

The following Forest Roads (FR) are now open: FR 96; FR 138; FR 478A; FR 478B; FR 330; FR 331; FR 378, and FR 478.  The following trails are now open: Trails 28, 31, 43, and 63.  All the listed Forest Roads and trails are within the working boundaries of the Red Canyon fire perimeter.  The public is advised to use caution, due to the fire weakening some tree rooting; causing hazardous tree’s and tree snags to have the potential to fall within the fire perimeter.  Forest visitors are advised to be very cautious when driving in and around the Red Canyon Fire area.  When driving on Forest Roads during approaching storms, please drive carefully, reduce your speed, drive with your lights on and turn around don’t drown at water crossings.  Also, when hiking trails, stay away from ridge tops and seek lower elevations until thunderstorms pass.

Fire Information is available by contacting the Magdalena Ranger District at: (575) 854-2281 as well as online at New Mexico Fire Information website at , Twitter:@Cibola_NF,, and

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