Cibola NF & National Grasslands – The North Fire now at 3,365 acres


Magdalena, NM; May 28, 2016 – The Magdalena Ranger District’s North Fire has increased in size to 3,365 acres. Approximately 118 personnel are assigned to the incident.  This lightning-caused fire is being actively managed for multiple resource benefits.  The North Fire is located in the San Mateo Mountains, 25 miles southwest of Magdalena, NM.

Weather conditions continued to allow fire crews to use hand line and aerial ignitions (dropping incendiary device from a helicopter) on the North Fire yesterday. Firefighters were able to apply fire on both the north and east side of the fire perimeter.  The fire is moving along the east side of the Crest Road (FR 138), north toward the Withington Wilderness boundary and along FR 330 to the east. As the North Fire continues to burn, a planning area has been developed and every effort will be made to keep the North Fire within its boundaries. The introduction of fire into the ecosystem helps reduce hazardous fuels, removes fuel ahead of the fire and prepares the fire perimeter for restoration and modified vegetation of wildlife enhancement.  Fuel types burning on the North Fire consist of ponderosa pine, pinon juniper, mixed-conifer, and grass.

Moderated fire behavior will continue over the North fire with predicted cooler temperature conditions through the Memorial Day weekend.

Smoke will continue to be visible from US Highway 60 and I-25 south of Socorro, New Mexico. Local communities surrounding Magdalena, NM will continue to experience drifting smoke and haze in the afternoon and evening. The New Mexico Department of Health provides a visibility test to determine smoke impacts in your area on their website at:

A temporary Area Closure Order has been issued in the vicinity of the North Fire. All National Forest System lands, roads, and trails within the closure area are closed to public use.  The trails and roads affected by the Area Closure include:

Trail 92, Trail 91, Trail 36, Trail 37, Trail 37A, Trail 38

Forest Road (FR) 330, FR 378, FR 138, FR 138A, FR 56, FR 52

For more information, please contact the Magdalena Ranger District at 575-854-2281, or visit the New Mexico Fire Information website at , Twitter:@Cibola_NF,, and

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