Gila National Forest – Black Range Complex Fires Update – 7/21/2016

Silver City, NM; July 21, 2016 – For Immediate Release – The Black Range Complex Fires on the Black Range Ranger District consist of four fires: the Kline and Cooney Fires started July 8, the Corduroy Fire on July 17, and the Boiler Fire on July 18. These lightning-caused fires are located in the Black Range Mountains, 65 miles northwest of Truth Consequences, NM. As these fires burn, pre-determined management areas have been designated for fire management. The Black Range Complex Fires are currently 10% contained.  There are currently 118 fire personnel assigned.  Due to a reduction in visible smoke on the Black Range Complex Fires, daily information updates will be posted from Beaverhead to Winston, NM as fire activity increases.

Yesterday, Cooney Fire personnel cleaned up their fire line preparation along CR 21. Personnel on the Kline Fire continued holding and monitoring the fire perimeter. The Boiler Fire remained in monitoring status awaiting management action decision while fire personnel scouted the east side of the fire perimeter. Black Range Complex Management made a decision to take suppression action on the Corduroy Fire which remains in containment status.  The Black Range Complex Fires have received 1/10” to 3/10” of precipitation across the fires, accompanied by lightning.  All fire personnel were removed from fire line operations for their safety as storms increased in intensity.

Today, Cooney Fire personnel will assist Forest Service Resource Advisor with rehabilitation inventories and continue recording fire behavior and effects for documentation. Kline Fire personnel will continue to monitor the fire. The Boiler Fire will also remain in monitoring status.  Fire personnel will continue fire suppression tactics on the Corduroy fire.

The extended weather forecast for the Black Range Complex Fires calls for isolated showers and thunderstorms continuing each afternoon and evening for the next few days. Smoke conditions will be visible only within close proximity to fire perimeters.  There have been no evacuations associated with the Black Range Complex.

A temporary Area Closure Order has been issued for the vicinity of the Black Range Complex Fires. All National Forest System lands, roads, and trails within the closure area are closed to public use.  Road closures and trails include: Highway 59, south and east of County Road 21 and 23 to Double Springs, east of Yellow Springs Trail (Trail No. 53), north of Greenfly Trail (Trail No. 26), and west of FR 150. This area includes Wolf Hollow Campground, the trail, and the Gravel Pit area on FR 4064T.  This also includes the area of the Continental Divide Trail between the junction of FR 220A and Highway 59.  Please detour west along FR 226A north on FR 226 to re-enter the CDT at Highway 59.                                       

For more information, please contact the Fire Information Line at: (575) 772-5747 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. located at the Incident Command Post at Beaverhead Work Center or visit the New Mexico Fire Information website at; and Also, you can find additional information at, and  Twitter: @gilanforest.


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