Gila National Forest – Update on June 14, 2017 – Teacher Fire & Gravel Fire on Reserve Ranger District

Teacher Fire

The Teacher Fire is estimated at 325 acres.  Today ground ignitions will be taking fire in two directions.  A crew will be headed from FR 713 down the handline to the campgrounds.  The Fire Module crew will be taking fire from along the handline back to the west, along FR 713 back toward CAT-C021/Snow Lake Rd.  Resources wanted to get fire backing through the mixed conifer and ponderosa pine early this morning before winds and temps began rising. A Type 3 organization is now managing this fire.

Gravel Fire

The Gravel Fire is estimated at 1,100 acres.  The northern flank of the fire has hung up at Turkey Creek, the Eastern flank is along the ridgeline and is backing toward Gilita Creek, the Southern flank is slowly backing toward Indian Creek, and the western flank has very minimal activity.  Crews monitored the fire activity today and protected the historic cabin. This area also has a high concentration of snags so the decision was made not to put wildland firefighters in the area.

Snow Lake is still open as are the Dipping Vat, Willow Creek and Ben Lilly Campgrounds. Smoke will be visible from main roads in that area. Smoke-sensitive individuals and people with respiratory or heart disease are encouraged to take precautionary measures.  Information on air quality and protecting your health can be found online at the New Mexico Department of Health website at Information on these fires can be found at

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