Cibola NF & National Grasslands – Magdalena Ranger District Taylor Canyon Fire Update – 07/09/2017

Taylor Canyon Fire Starts on the Magdalena Ranger District

Magdalena, NM; July 9, 2017 – For Immediate Release. The Taylor Canyon Fire, located on the Magdalena Ranger District, is 60 acres in size with approximately 20 assigned personnel. Resources include one Wildland Fire Module, four Type 6 Engines, and one Type 3 Helicopter.  The lightning-caused fire started on Thursday, July 6, and is located in Taylor Canyon, 55 miles west of Magdalena, NM, in the San Mateo Mountains.  The fire is burning in Ponderosa Pine, grass, and brush.  It is currently creeping along the ground, and backing down ridge lines.

The fire is being managed to achieve multiple resource objectives, including improving wildlife habitat, protecting cultural resources, reducing hazardous fuels, and returning fire to the ecosystem. All decisions related to management of this fire will be based upon minimizing exposure and risk to fire fighters. Point protection measures are in place to defend values that are at risk.  Pre-determined management areas will be identified as the fire continues to burn so that it can be kept within established boundaries.

At this time, there are no road advisories or closures in place. STAGE I Fire Restriction are in place in the San Mateo Mountains: The following are prohibited during Stage I Fire Restrictions:

  • Building or maintaining a fire, campfire, charcoal, coal, or wood stove except in Forest Service developed camp and picnic grounds where grills are provide by Forest Service.
  • Explosives, fireworks, or any pyrotechnic devices.
  • Smoking, except within a vehicle, building, developed recreation site, or in an area at least 3’ in diameter that contains no grasses or flammable material.

Please note that petroleum-fueled stoves and lanterns are allowed, provided they meet the fire underwriter’s specifications for safety.

The weather forecast calls for hotter and drier conditions, so smoke may become visible from US Highway 60 as fire behavior increases. The fire size is likely to increase in these conditions through the beginning of next week.

For more information about the Taylor Canyon Fire, please contact the Magdalena Ranger District during regular business hours at 575-854-2281. You may also visit the New Mexico Fire Information website at , Twitter:@Cibola_NF, and


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