Magdalena Ranger District Gallinas Prescribed Burn Update – May 5, 2018

MAGDALENA, NM, May 5, 2018 –The Magdalena Ranger District began the Gallinas Prescribed burn on Friday afternoon, May 4, 2018. Favorable conditions allowed firefighters to begin successfully treating the pinyon-juniper forest. The burn is designed to remove encroaching conifer trees from historic open

Black line operations west side of burn unit on FR 128.
USFS Photo by Kim Obele

meadows and canyons bottoms, to help increase the diversity of ground vegetation, stabilize soils, remove dead debris from the forest floor and help to restore the natural fire regime.

Fire crews used hand ignition to black line 400 acres in the project area, located on the west side of the Gallinas Mountain range in Socorro County. Today, firefighters will begin aerial ignitions to create openings in the canopy in the interior of the burn unit. If conditions remain favorable, firefighters aim to treat 1500 acres today.

The extended weather forecast surrounding the Gallinas Prescribed burn calls for a continued warming and drying trend, along with moderate afternoon wind continuing into the evening hours.   Smoke is visible from US Highway 60 and State Highway 169, west and northwest of Magdalena, NM. Smoke impacts may occur on Forest Roads 10, 10D, 10E and 128 particularly in the evening hours when temperatures cool. Smoke will be monitored to assess potential health impacts and the Forest Service will coordinate wit New Mexico Department of Health website at

To learn more about state-wide fire activity, visit New Mexico Fire Information at you have questions about the Gallinas prescribed fire, please contact Cindy Wolfe at the Magdalena Ranger District – 575-854-2281 or email:

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