Gila NF: Collins Park Prescribed Burn

Shantie_Springs_RX MapLa Jolla_Rx Map

The Gila National Forest is planning to conduct two prescribed burns (La Jolla and Shantie Springs) which includes approximately 6,000 acres which is located near Collins Park and the surrounding area, beginning today.

Collins Park is located on Reserve Ranger District. Smoke and firefighter activity may impact FR 94, FR 28, and FR30, and if this occurs road guards will be utilized. A small portion of the CDT is also within the burn unit and approximately three miles of trail may be impacted.

Prescribed fires are one of the most effective tools available to resource managers, and mimic natural fires by reducing forest fuels, recycling nutrients and increasing habitat diversity. Prescribed fires are designed to meet specific objectives, including providing community protection and promoting forest health.



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