Wildfire Preparedness: May 8, 2020

Here are a few reminders when target shooting on public lands:

  • Know before you go: Is target shooting allowed in the area you will visit?
  • Shoot in areas free of dry vegetation—and avoid shooting on hot windy days. Avoid shooting hard objects: bullet fragments can be extremely hot and can easily start a grass fire. During the hot, dry summer months, choose a designated shooting range.
  • Shooting at steel targets or rocks may throw hot bullet fragments into the nearby vegetation. These fragments can retain temperatures up to 1400°F.  Dry grass or needle cast can ignite at temperatures of less than half that. Use paper targets or clay pigeons.
  • Solid copper and steel core and steel jacketed ammunition have the highest potential to start fires. Lead core bullets with copper jackets, are less likely to ignite dry vegetation.  How do you know if your ammunition has a steel core or steel jacketing? Touch a strong magnet to the tip. It may have just a thin copper wash over steel.
  • Exploding targets can be highly destructive and can easily ignite wildland vegetation. Exploding targets are prohibited on federal lands in NM.
  • Tracer or incediary rounds are illegal on public lands as they can easily ignite wildland vegetation.
  • Be prepared: Keep a shovel, fire extinguisher and extra water on hand, in case a fire does start. Designate someone to watch near the target for any signs of fire while target shooting and reloading.
  • Report all fires: CALL 9-1-1 to report location, what is burning, how fast it is moving, how tall the flames are, and what is in danger.

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