Gila National Forest: AM Update for Tadpole Fire for June 16, 2020 – Silver City Ranger District

Tuesday, June 16, 2020, 12:00 P.M. MT

Fire Information Line: (575) 654-4181 (575) 313-4678  

Visit the New Mexico Fire Information website at

Additional Fire Information available:

Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 


Location:  12 miles north of Silver City               Start Date: June 6, 2020            Size:  6600 acres          

Cause:  Lightning                                             Total Personnel: 181                Containment:  25%

Vegetation:  Timber with grass understory, brush, and chaparral

Resources: Two type 1 20-person handcrews, two 20-person initial attack handcrews, one 8-person handcrew, one Type 3 heavy fire engine, four Type 6 light fire engines, one Type 3 medium helicopter, one Type 1 heavy helicopter, and one dozer. Air tankers are available at the Gila Aerial Fire Base.

SUMMARY:  The Tadpole Fire, holding at 6,600 acres, was ignited by lightning and reported on June 6. The Tadpole Fire is located on the SW portion of Tadpole Ridge, on National Forest System lands, Gila National Forest.  The fire is burning in timber with grass understory, brush, and chaparral.

WEATHER: Today appears to be our last day with moderate moisture across the region.  However, that moisture should trend downward a bit to lower rain coverage relative to previous days.  Winds will become more southwesterly in the afternoon and somewhat breezy. These winds will drive out some moisture and move in some drier air.  Seasonal temperatures again today, with dewpoints and relative humidity down a bit, but still higher than normal.  Wednesday, winds turn more southwest to bring much drier air over the Gila region.  For at least the next full week, expect conditions to be warm and dry, with marginally breezy afternoons.  Afternoon relative humidity will be in the single-digits and nighttime recoveries will be poor.  Fire weather conditions will become elevated. 

FIRE BEHAVIOR: Expect low fire behavior potential this morning, peaking with low to moderate fire behavior potential mid-afternoon.  This evening expect fire potential to drop down especially if thunderstorms develop over the fire area.  There is a possibility of a thermal belt tonight on upper slopes tonight with rather poor relative humidity recovery.

SHIFT OF FOCUS: While fire crews continue to suppress and contain the Tadpole fire, assessments of the burned area are beginning.  Local Burned Area Emergency Response team members are on the fire ground inspecting fire impacts to NM Hwy 15 and Sheep Canyon Corral Road #282.  Watershed impacts will also be assessed.  These assessments are the basis of post-fire actions taken to ensure public safety and to determine resources necessary to prevent further damage. As the assessment progresses, further information will be provided.

Air quality monitoring stations are being placed and will be providing smoke data and an air quality summary within the next 24 hours.  Please visit and  for real time smoke monitoring data and a daily smoke summary.

Please see the New Mexico Department of Health site, for guidance on mitigating your smoke exposure.  Smoke-sensitive individuals and people with respiratory problems are encouraged to take precautionary measures by staying inside during heavy smoke periods and avoiding outdoor activities.

SAFETY:  The Gila National Forest is currently under a campfire ban, including the use of charcoal. Use of pressurized fuel devices are acceptable.

A temporary flight restriction is in place over the fire area. Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. For more information visit Know Before You Fly, .

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