Gila National Forest – Fire Update – Cub Fire – July 1, 2020

Location: Approximately 1-mile northeast of Cub Mountain, near the West Fork of the Gila River, Wilderness Ranger District, Gila National Forest.
Start Date: June 28, 2020 Cause: Lightning Size: ~535 acres
Vegetation: grass, brush, and multiple snags

Strategy/Summary: The Cub Fire is burning on National Forest System lands on the Wilderness Ranger District, Gila National Forest. The fire continues to burn within the boundary of the Whitewater-Baldy Fire scar. An identified safety concern is the number of dead standing trees in the area. The fire is burning north towards the West Fork of the Gila River and east downhill on Cub Mountain.

Weather: Fire weather conditions should begin transitioning to a more humid, and rainy period. A sub-tropical high over central Mexico will slowly drift north over the next week-over New Mexico and Arizona by this weekend. This will move moisture up into the area and allow it to persist through at least this weekend and probably into the beginning of next week. Low level moisture should be just enough to rule out dry lightning and give some potential
decent rainfall around our fires. No significant large-scale winds expected through the weekend-however storm environment over the next several days could lead to strong winds near storms.

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