Lincoln National Forest: 16 Springs Prescribed Burn Planned

Sacramento Ranger District to Conduct Prescribed Burn in 16 Springs

CLOUDCROFT, NM – 7/10/20: The Sacramento Ranger District will conduct a prescribed burn in the 16 Springs area approximately 12 miles northwest of Mayhill, NM beginning Saturday July 11, 2020 and throughout the week as conditions allow.

Smoke from the prescribed burn will travel northeast towards Roswell and is expected to be light due to the low number of acres being burned each day.

Prescribed burns are an important tool used by forest managers to reduce excess fuel loads (i.e. downed logs, branches or pine needles); thereby, reducing the risk of high severity wildfire in the future by removing fire fuels in a controlled manner. The prescribed burn west of Mayhill, NM could provide protection for the small community should a wildfire start west of the town in the future.

Prescribed fires are conducted in a very controlled environment with experienced fire managers on-site carefully implementing the ignition and holding functions on the fire. All fire containment features are established and staffed before ignitions begin.

Prescribed fires are conducted only when specific requirements are met at the proposed location of the fire. Fire personnel take into consideration the weather, fuel moisture, terrain, and if the prescribed burn is likely to result in the desired outcome before they decide to burn. This is referred to as the burn window. Burn windows on the Lincoln National Forest are very short, however, officials identified the next week as meeting all the required parameters including light winds and high humidity levels before the monsoons arrive. Once the summer rains begin fuels will be too wet to properly carry out prescribed burns.

The Lincoln National Forest acknowledges the campfire ban still in place. Fire Restrictions are put in place when there is elevated fire potential for most of the Forest, however, the area slated for prescribed burning recently received rain. Campfire Restrictions are instituted to reduce the potential of an uncontrolled human-caused wildfire. Any campfire-related start would not have the same holding/containment features already in place, nor would it have firefighters already on the scene like this prescribed burn will.

16 Springs Prescribed Burn Map PDF

16 Springs Prescribed Burn Map


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