Gila National Forest – Update on Cub Fire for July 15, 2020

Location:  Approximately one-mile northeast of Cub Mountain, near the West Fork of the Gila River, Wilderness Ranger District, Gila National Forest.

Start Date:  June 28, 2020                 Cause:  Lightning

Size:  ~23,216 acres                          Vegetation:  grass, brush, and multiple snags

Resources:    34                                IC: Pedro Valenzuela, ICT3 

Summary: The Cub Fire is burning on National Forest System lands on the Wilderness Ranger District, Gila National Forest. The fire is progressing north, northeast, and west.  There is some progression towards the southeast and remains two (2) miles east of the Mogollon-Baldy Lookout. Wildland firefighter crews continue to prep trail #171 to the junction with trail #172 to the north and west.

Weather: Isolated showers and thunderstorms are located northwest and east of the burn area. Chances of thunderstorms increase over the next couple of days as better moisture moves into the area. Winds are from the north at 5-10 mph in the morning and then from the southwest in the afternoon. There is a chance of gusty and erratic winds expected near thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Air Quality:  The Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument will continue to experience smoke impacts during early morning and overnight hours. Smoke from the fire rises up and away during the daytime, but in the evenings, smoke can pool back down in canyons, drainages, and basins.  For information on air quality and protecting your health, and to find guidance on distances and visibility, please visit

Safety: The Gila NF continues to be under a campfire ban, including the use of charcoal grills, through July 31, 2020.  A temporary flight restriction is in place over the fire area. Wildfires are a NO DRONE ZONE. For more information, visit Know Before You Fly.

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