Little to No Smoke on Ojo de los Casos Fire

Little to No Smoke on Ojo de los Casos Fire

July 15, 2020 Afternoon Update   

Mountainair, NM – For Immediate Release – When wildfires burn either in your area or many miles away, they produce smoke that may reach your community. The Ojo de los Casos Fire is 59% contained, 180 acres with no perimeter growth over the last 5 days, and producing little to no smoke. Majority of the hotspots within the fire’s perimeter have been extinguished with a combination of helicopter water bucket drops and direct spraying with hose-lay (long strings of water energized hose) that had been strategically placed around critical areas of the fire.

Weather: Today will be partly cloudy with a 30% chance of precipitation in the afternoon. Temperatures over the fire area will 79-84°F which is a significant cool down. Erratic and gusty winds are expected with west winds reaching 10-15mph in the afternoon. Minimum humidity should stay in the mid 20’s today.

Safety: Safety of the public and firefighters is always the top priority in wildland fire operations. Ojo de Los Casos Fire operations include best management practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within firefighter crews/operations and within the general public.

Smoke: Little to no smoke has been reported as being emitted from the fire. Information on health impacts from smoke can be found by visiting the New Mexico Department of Health website at

Drones: The public is reminded to avoid the use of unmanned aerial systems (drones) near wildfires. When drones are illegally flown over a fire, air operations can be suspended, and crews lose a valuable resource, which can adversely affect the safety and efficiency of the overall firefighting effort. For more information on drones, see, and Know Before You Fly!

Closures: A 5-mile temporary flight restriction is in place over the fire for the safety of aviation and ground resources. The fire area will be temporarily closed to fuelwood harvest for firefighter and public safety.


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