Lincoln National Forest Prescribed Fire Update – 01/13/16 – 2:00 pm

Prescribed Fire Update:  01/13/16 – 2:00 pm – Due to poor ventilation categories this week, firefighters have had to temporarily suspend ignition operations.  Fuel and weather conditions are assessed daily before ignitions begin.  Firefighters are hoping for improved conditions tomorrow, which will allow them to resume ignitions. 

Prescribed Fire Update:  01/07/16 – 4:00 pm – Prescribed Fire operations are tentatively planned for January 11 – 14 on the Perk project or in the Grindstone area.

Please view this document for more information (including vicinity map): 010716_Perk Piles Rx Burn_NR

Prescribed Fire Update:  01/07/16 – 9:30 am – No ignition operations are planned for today, however firefighters will be patrolling/monitoring the areas that were treated on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  An additional 20 acres were treated yesterday.    

Prescribed Fire Update:  01/06/16 – 10:00 am – Ignition operations continue today on the Perk project.  Firefighters treated 20 acres yesterday.

Prescribed Fire Update:  01/05/16 – 11:00 am – Ignition operations have begun on the Perk project.

Smokey Bear Ranger District

Perk Hand Piles:  601 acres, located about 3 miles north of Ruidoso (north of Perk Canyon, south of Cedar Creek, west of Mechem Drive and east of the Mescalero Reservation boundary).

Ignition dates:  January 5th – 7th.  Firefighters may treat up to 100 acres/day if conditions are favorable.

To view a vicinity map of the project area, click here:  Perk Hand Piles – 601 Acres

Prescribed Fire Operations - Perk project north of Ruidoso

Prescribed Fire Operations – Perk project north of Ruidoso

Please note that prescribed fire operations that were scheduled to take place during the month of January — on the SACRAMENTO Ranger District have been postponed due to weather conditions (snow pack). 

For more information, contact Loretta Benavidez at 575.434-7290,


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