Lincoln National Forest – Prescribed Fire Update 11/04/16 7:00 PM

Sacramento Ranger District:

11/04/16  7:00 PM Prescribed Fire Update:  Firefighters treated 4 acres of piled slash on the Cox Canyon project today.  Over the next few days, firefighters will patrol and monitor the areas that were treated with prescribed fire (this week).  When fuel and weather conditions are favorable for burning, they will resume ignitions.  

Regarding smoke, in the event of a prescribed fire or wildfire: If visibility becomes lower because of smoke, please visit the NM Department of Health’s smoke page:

PIO: Loretta Benavidez,  575-430-5546

11/04/16  10:30 AM Prescribed Fire Update:  Ignitions are underway on the Cox Canyon project (100 acres of piled slash), located along NM State Highway 130 and about 3 miles southeast of Cloudcroft.  Smoke will be visible during ignitions.

11/03/16  4:30 PM Prescribed Fire Update:  Firefighters have completed ignitions for today on the following projects (piled slash):  Rice piles – 53 acres treated today (this

Pile burning on Sacramento Ranger District

Pile burning on Sacramento Ranger District

project is now complete); School piles – 12 acres treated today (this project is now complete); Cox piles – 24 acres treated today (76 acres remain untreated).

11/03/16 11:00 AM Prescribed Fire Update:  Ignitions are underway on the following pile burning projects – Cox, Rice and School – smoke will be visible during ignitions.

11/02/16  10:00 AM Prescribed Fire Update:  No burning today on the 171 project.  The area received rain overnight and this morning.  High humidity combined with rain showers are not favorable conditions for broadcast burning.

11/01/16  7:00 PM Prescribed Fire Update:  171 project, 933 acres, located 4 miles south of Weed.  Firefighters treated 280 acres today with prescribed fire.  “Broadcast burning” was used to apply fire to an area within well-defined boundaries, for the purpose of reducing hazardous fuels and

Prescribed Fire Operations on Sacramento Ranger District

Prescribed Fire Operations on Sacramento Ranger District

achieving resource management objectives. Smoke was visible during ignitions and during the afternoon burning period. Some smoke may linger in drainages and lower elevations during the night, but is expected to dissipate by mid-morning, when daytime temperatures increase. Plans for tomorrow (11/2/16) are to continue with blackline operations, if weather and fuel conditions remain favorable for proceeding with ignitions. Today’s prescribed fire project was staffed with 22 firefighters, who carefully and safely implemented the broadcast burning operations.


Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, NM – September 30, 2016 – Fire officials on the Lincoln National Forest’s Sacramento District plan to take advantage of favorable weather and burning conditions during the upcoming fall and winter months.

District personnel will focus on multiple projects that include pile and broadcast burning.  These prescribed fire projects are located at various sites within the Sacramento Ranger District:

Sacramento Ranger District Prescribed Fire Projects:

  • 171 project, 933 acres:  broadcast burn, located approximately 4 miles south of Weed
  • Cox Canyon, 100 acres:  piled slash, located along NM State Highway 130 and is approximately 3 miles southeast of Cloudcroft.
  • Russia, 700 acres:  piled slash, located in Russia Canyon – about 5 miles south of Cloudcroft.
  • School, 12 acres: piled slash, located along NM State Highway 130 and approximately one mile south of Cloudcroft.
  • Rice, 53 acres: piled slash, located along NM State Highway 6563 (Sunspot Hwy) and approximately 10 miles south of Cloudcroft, and one mile north of the Sunspot Observatory.
  • Wet Burnt, 988 acres: broadcast, near the headwaters of the Wet Burnt drainage along the Carr Gap road, which is ½ mile southeast of the 16 Springs subdivision and 4 miles north of Mayhill.

During ignitions, a “fire information” board with project-related information, including maps, will be located near the highway junctions or closest road intersections in each respective project area.  “Prescribed Fire” and “Smoke” signs will also be posted in the area.

Actual ignitions are dependent upon current weather conditions weather and fuel conditions on the day of the burn.  Fire managers will monitor conditions closely to ensure that they fall within the ranges identified in the “burn plan.”  Optimal burning conditions must be in place to achieve the desired effects outlined in the burn plan; and will also contribute to good ventilation and smoke dispersal.

These project sites are popular for wildlife and many hunters are attracted to the area during the fall and winter big game hunts.  Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts may encounter fire personnel, equipment and smoke while on the Sacramento District.  Please use caution when traveling or hunting near ongoing projects.

While ignitions are underway, smoke may be visible from Weed, Sacramento, Mayhill, Piñon, Sunspot, Cloudcroft, 16 Springs, and surrounding areas.  Smoke may be visible or encountered along US Highway 82 and NM State Highway 130, as well.

Prescribed fire updates for the Lincoln National Forest will be posted on For more information about prescribed fire projects on the Lincoln National Forest, please contact Loretta Benavidez, Lincoln National Forest Public Affairs Officer at 575-434-7290.

For general information about the Lincoln National Forest, call 575-434-7200, Monday through Friday (closed on Federal holidays unless stated otherwise), Supervisor’s Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and District Offices are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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