Wildfires are No Drone Zones

New Mexico wildfire officials need the public’s help to ensure that drones, hobby aircraft or other Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), are not used near wildfire incidents, regardless of the size of the fire.  Use of drones is the most common incursion of UAS above wildfires and is potentially deadly.   To help you fly safely, here are some resources:

The B4UFly smartphone app created by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shows restricted airspace.  In the early stages of a wildfire, the airspace may not yet be restricted but aircraft may be in the vicinity or responding to the incident. Take the time to look around. If you see smoke or fire resources in the area, find another location to fly.

Go to WildfiresNearMe and create an account to see fire locations and status, including emerging incidents.

Other fire location maps and tools can be found at https://nmfireinfo.com/links/maps/.

For more more information on UAS and wildfires, please go to www.nifc.gov/drones/index.html

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